As a small business owner, you may or may not have heard about FourSquare. It’s an app that’s widely used, especially by younger audiences, but tends to fly under the radar when compared to local business listings like Google Places and Bing Places for Business. That means, by creating your own FourSquare business listing, you could give your small business that all-important competitive advantage.

What is FourSquare?

FourSquare is a local search-and-discovery app which uses location-specific data to help users find the best restaurants, bars, shops, entertainment, parks and nightlife in their area. When a user visits the location they can ‘check-in’, which tells their friends where they are, but they can also leave tips and reviews and even upload photos they’ve taken.

Young people put great trust in peer reviews, particularly those written by their friends, which is why FourSquare is such a popular resource that is currently used by an estimated 55 million consumers around the world.


How to claim your FourSquare for business listing

Given the popularity of FourSquare, if you own a restaurant, bar, shop or some form of entertainment venue, we think you’d be missing a trick by not creating a FourSquare business listing. It takes no more than 10 minutes of your time and could help to create a buzz online and increase footfall. So, where do you start..?

    1. Sign up and search for your business

The first step is to search for your business, which you can do here. It might well be that your business has already been added to FourSquare by a customer. If your business is not already listed then you will need to sign up and add your business before it can be claimed.

    1. Claim your business

Once your business has been added to FourSquare, you can then claim the listing and verify that you’re the owner. This will cost you a one-off fee of $20 USD.

As the verified owner of your business listing, you’ll have full control over what is displayed. That includes the contact details, your address, the map pin and images. You’ll also be able to showcase the best user-generated images and flag any that are not relevant to your business. Given the younger audience of FourSquare, user-generated images are going to be one of your key marketing points here. With this level of functionality and control, we think the $20 fee to claim your FourSquare business listing is money well spent.

Step 3: Access your business account

Once your venue claim has been reviewed and approved, you will then be able to access your FourSquare business account any time you like. Here you will be presented with a range of options that includes:

  • Manage your listing – Edit and add details about your business to give customers the most accurate and relevant information.
  • Create a special offer – Add a special offer to encourage FourSquare users to visit your business, be that a 2-for-1 drinks deal before 7pm, a free starter with a main or a 50% off entry offer.
  • Create or manage your tips – Write tips to tell prospective customers things you think they should know about your business, remembering the younger demographic you’ll be appealing to through the app.
  • See stats – Use analytics to see how popular your location is on FourSquare and identify who your best customers are. 

There are also a number of advanced tools you can access to help you better manage your FourSquare business listing.

Step 4: Advertising on FourSquare

When you access your FourSquare for business account, you’ll see that ‘Create an ad’ is the first option you’re presented with. Advertising on FourSquare can help attract new customers to your business, but this additional exposure will cost you.

If FourSquare is popular in your area (you can judge its popularity by the number of venues and the level of check-in activity) and you have an active FourSquare business listing with check-ins and user feedback, it could be a cost-effective way to target customers who are ready to buy. Here’s some guidance to help you create your FourSquare ads.

A simple way to boost your local presence

Creating a FourSquare for business listing is a fast and simple way to reach prospective customers in your area and target a different demographic than you may be through other channels. If you have multiple business listings and locations then the next step is to sync it with BRIDGE Online Listings, which allows you to manage all your listings in one place. As well as updating multiple listings at the same time, you can also evaluate and compare the performance of each listing. Schedule your demo to see how it works.




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