Pizza Hut is a globally recognized brand of dine-in and takeaway pizza restaurants started by Frank and Dan Carney. Over 50 years later, the company continues its growth with 1,400 restaurants across 29 European countries.

Pizza Hut has strived for innovation with its customer experience. The brand was the pioneer in many areas including: online orders, fast delivery services, and taking orders using PlayStation and Xbox. To continue its growth and presence in Europe, Pizza Hut was tasked with delivering a unique digital experience to their customers through their online channels.

What problems were Pizza Hut trying to solve?

One of Pizza Hut’s biggest challenges particularly in their competitive market was to maintain their position as market leader and brand presence both online and offline.

Not only does Pizza Hut want to be top of mind when people are thinking of pizza, they also want to be at the top of results when people are searching for pizza. In addition, another challenge was the need to provide an unified online experience for customers regardless of which country they reside in or the device they use.

Pizza Hut chose BRIDGE’s SaaS solution because of the company’s continued innovation to optimize the digital journey to drive footfall.

The aims were simple:

  • Unifying the customer experience and branding through the standardization of the websites
  • Increasing organic traffic to the website through local search-engine-optimization
  • Integrating conversion modules to convert online visitors into restaurant patrons or online orders

In 2016 Pizza Hut deployed BRIDGE to Poland, Malta and Germany, with Spain and Portugal slotted for completion next. Olivier Guilhot, Digital Director of Pizza Hut Europe explains more about Pizza Hut’s approach,

“Standardizing our sites to optimize our position in search engine results and offering a unique experience to our clients with an optimized digital journey is a major step in the consolidation of our position as market leader – this is why we chose the BRIDGE solution from Leadformance.”

What results have Pizza Hut experienced with BRIDGE?

Pizza Hut Poland has seen clear results since the deployment of the BRIDGE solution, with 50% more organic traffic to Local Pages compared to other website pages. The traffic seen by these pages is largely in part to their increased ranking within search engine results – especially for search engine queries that include a location alongside terms such as pizza. Additionally, Pizza Hut is seeing that call to action buttons on BRIDGE pages see 16% more click throughs in comparison to other website pages. Many of these call to action buttons are conversion triggers pushing visitors to make a reservation, and order delivery or takeaway – there have been 9,700 visits to the order online page within a 60-day period.

Where can you find out more?

Read more about the Pizza Hut and BRIDGE partnership in the press release.

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