As a pioneer of travel packages, Thomas Cook services more than 22 million clients across Europe and throughout the world. In France they are the number one tourism and leisure network with 450 travel agencies and over 1000 partners. Thomas Cook and its subsidiary Jet Tours wanted to drive growth through an omnichannel strategy that allows clients to access their wide range of products and services through online, phone and physical locations.


What were Thomas Cook’s objectives?

Thomas Cook’s objectives for 2017 were to develop its websites using innovative tools to improve customer satisfaction and highlight both the expertise of agents and the products sold within the network.

Its three core objectives to complete this vision of an omnichannel strategy were:

  • Optimized visibility - to optimize online search referencing and the visibility of its agencies in search results
  • Lead generation to its travel agencies - to send qualified leads and traffic to its stores
  • Improved customer experience - to improve the experience and satisfaction of clients through personalized tracking from online search to the physical travel agency

Hervé Witasse, Director of e-Commerce at Thomas Cook explains more about Thomas Cook’s approach:

“When we redesigned our site, we wanted to have a multi-channel dimension as a key element of the site navigation system and to develop a symbiosis between the website and our physical sales channels.” said Hervé Witasse, Director of e-Commerce at Thomas Cook, “With the help of the BRIDGE team and six months of collaboration, we constructed our new online to offline platform for the Jet Tours site, which had been in decline.”


What results have Thomas Cook accomplished with BRIDGE?

Through the integration of the BRIDGE solution, Thomas Cook saw improvements in search engine indexing, with a fivefold increase in audience in just three months, and 43% of all traffic coming from Google organic search results. In addition to measuring growth in traffic, they are able to measure lead generation in real-time to understand how many qualified leads are generated for each agency through online quote forms and by phone.

Leads generated with the BRIDGE solution in the first three months following implementation:

  • Nearly 1,500 contact forms sent to its agencies
  • Over 750 calls per day coming from online store locators


Awarded for their innovative strategy

In addition to the success of its omnichannel strategy, Thomas Cook was recognized with a Travel d’Or 2017 Award in the Web to Store category as a result of its work with BRIDGE. 

Listen to Pauline Rouri, Chief Marketing Officer, explain how BRIDGE helped Thomas Cook win the Travel d'Or Award.

Read more about the Thomas Cook and BRIDGE partnership in the
press release.


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