Retailers using an online-to-offline, or O2O, strategy can greatly increase their business efficiencies and can offer their customers more by providing a unified and holistic presence both online and in physical stores.

Converting online traffic into qualified leads and driving customers to physical stores can be a challenge for many retailers. Store locator software can help bridge the gap between online searches and footfall in stores that leads to offline purchases.

What problem did Kérastase want to solve?

With a legacy in the hair care industry for over 80 years, Kérastase has traditionally built its distribution through its network of 40,000 independent hair salons across 75 countries. With the advent of a sprawling e-commerce platform, Kérastase now also sells directly to the consumer through its online store.

Kérastase needed a solution to drive their online customers to their salon network and to further connect the consumer to their stylists for advice and guidance, which was central the haircare brand’s mission.

International E-Commerce and Internet Director Nathie Nakarat says, “It is down to the professional to advise the consumer in the best use of our products and online-to-offline is central to that strategy. Our priority is to promote our professional experts.”

In 2013, Kérastase employed BRIDGE to deliver a customized store locator software solution to help promote its network of professional stylists alongside their high quality products and treatments.

What solution were BRIDGE able to provide for Kérastase?

Through BRIDGE, Kérastase was able to implement a O2O strategy that opened doors for their business across country-specific hubs as well as their international sites. Specifically, the Store Locator and Local Pages were optimized for local search allowing Kerastase and each respective salon be found online in organic results. This solution responded directly to their goal of improving online visibility and their brand presence on search engine results pages, ultimately promoting their network of professional experts. This O2O platform included:

  • A store locator with salon-specific location pages to help consumers build a personal connection with their local salon stockist
  • The individual salon pages included photos of the salon as well as showcasing information about in-store services
  • Allowing customers to filter by services and products for each salon - helping them find the location that’s best suited for their needs
  • Newsletter subscription allowing subscribers to receive special, local offers and promotions
  • Sending coordinates for users to to receive salon details via email or SMS
  • Click-to-call which enabled Kérastase to measure call intentions from the salon pages
  • Optimised for mobile users with the “Go with Uber” CTA, designed to help users get an Uber right to one of its stores, geolocating them automatically

What results did the BRIDGE-enabled store locator software bring for Kérastase?

The Kérastase Store Locator was deployed internationally, across 60 countries and in 10 languages.

The results were quite impressive. Kérastase saw the following improvements:

  • Since the integration of BRIDGE, Kérastase is generating 9X more organic traffic to their store pages
  • They have also enhanced the user experience in the search for a salon anywhere in the world with a comprehensive system
  • Since the launch of the solution, Kérastase’s sales conversion rate through CTAs on salon local pages is at 53%
  • Traffic has increased an average of 52% annually

Nakarat remarked that as “the majority of our traffic comes from natural referencing, this is really important for us. The hairdressers are pleased with the solution.”


The BRIDGE-powered store locator built for Kérastase presents an international and comprehensive solution that addresses each stage of the customer journey regarding haircare. Moreover, their results highlight the importance of optimizing a store locator platform for smartphone users. Their store locator software not only responded to a key priority in the Kérastase business strategy, it also provided a platform that could be optimised as it grew from 2013, creating a perfect connection for an increasing number of online and smartphone users to get to the store automatically, neatly bridging the gap between online and offline.


Download the Kérastase Case Study to discover how they grew online traffic by 52% annually

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