What is a store locator and how can it help a brand?

A store locator is a function you can add to your site that helps customers find the location of a specific physical store. Mobile search statistics show that 40% of mobile searches have local intent, so a store locator is definitely worth capitalizing on.

Increasing sales by guiding customers directly to your products, a store locator can also save a business time and money by providing information that customers may otherwise have to phone the company to obtain.

How to implement a store locator

So, what kind of features should a store locator have?

  • It should use geolocation – if customers are browsing on mobile, it’s frustrating to have to type in your postcode before searching for your store
  • It should include store information, such as contact details, opening times, and the services provided by that store
  • The map should be interactive, allowing the user to expand it and navigate around with ease
  • It should be designed with the intention of driving footfall, highlighting in-store promotions and offers, and enabling customers to see what your business can offer - for example, allowing them to request an appointments or receive a quote

Case study: Ducati

To demonstrate how a store locator can benefit your brand, let’s look at a case study.

Ducati achieved a 50% online-to-offline conversion rate with BRIDGE. A manufacturer of high-end motorcycles, its iconic brand spans 90 countries, with 60 dealerships in France. It had varying levels of online presence across those 60 dealerships, and was seeking to harmonize their web presence in order to increase footfall.

Ducati therefore implemented the BRIDGE Store Locator on its website and created individual pages for each dealership. Each Local Page became search-engine-optimized to appear at the top of local search results, helping to boost brand awareness and increase online traffic.

Ducati was also able to increase the number of qualified leads generated on Local Pages by adding conversion modules. This means that each local page enables customers to send themselves the dealership’s contact information via text or email.

Since they have begun to use BRIDGE, Ducati has experienced three times the traffic on local dealership pages and a 55% annual traffic growth from SEO. 50% of those who visited a local page also then went into the dealership.

How BRIDGE can help

The BRIDGE Store Locator has four key features:

  • Geolocation or manual search engine – this makes location-searching easier for customers, with automated geolocation and customizable search filters
  • Industry designed themes – you can select from industry-proven designs to make sure your customers are receiving the best service possible
  • Customizable templates – these enable you to keep your website consistently on-brand
  • Responsive design – BRIDGE delivers an optimal service across desktop, mobile and tablet devices

Learn more about what BRIDGE can offer you by reading the Ducati Case Study.

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