What is a Store Locator?

A store locator is a business essential. A store locator merges the online to offline worlds, helping your customers find your stores - quickly, easily and with a minimum of fuss. The best store locator platforms provide genuinely useful information, are fully optimized for mobile and make your entire brand experience for the user as efficient as possible.

Why does a business need a Store Locator?

Having a store locator platform on your site is a no-brainer. As retail becomes increasingly multichannel, they act as a way to bridge the gap between the online and offline commerce worlds.

A store locator platform helps your business:

  • Guide customers to your stores accurately, using digital maps
  • Give customers useful, local content
  • Tell customers exactly what services your stores offer
  • Provide bespoke content, such as different store opening times during national holidays
  • Helps increase your organic traffic by ranking higher in SERPs

What are the 5 best Store Locators identified by BRIDGE?

Pizza Hut Poland

Pizza Hut Poland's Store Locator

Pizza and eating out are very popular individually, let alone as a combination - so how to edge the competition? Designed using the BRIDGE store locator platform, Pizza Hut Poland’s store locator makes excellent use of call-to-action buttons on the store results pages to generate e-commerce transactions and allow customers to reserve tables at their restaurants. So it not only tells users where its restaurants are  it gives the users incentives to reserve, too.

Nando’s International

Nando's Store Locator

Store locators for food retailers can be tricky to get right, but Nando’s is a great example. Type in a location and users are presented with a comprehensive Local Page filled with informative content, providing a great user experience. Look, also, at the design and branding of the page: it’s specifically targeting younger people, who are obviously a large target demographic for the company.

John Lewis

John Lewis Store Locator

We’ve probably all been there – you’re in the middle of a big, busy urban city - London, say - and find that relying on a store locator to get you where you want to get to can be a frustrating experience to say the least. Not so with John Lewis  its store locator platform gives localized content that also shows directions and how to get to its stores, supported by useful call-to-action buttons and overviews of services like click-and-collect. This is a great example of how a well designed and integrated store locator platform can be useful for any company in any location.



Kerastase Mobile Store Locator

The BRIDGE-powered store locator serving Kérastase highlights the importance of optimizing a store locator platform for smartphone users. With more and more customers using their phones to browse for products and locate stores, Kérastase’s locator is designed to help users get an Uber right to one of its stores, geolocating them automatically. If that isn’t modern, we don’t know what is...

Dyson Demo

Dyson London Store Locator

Dyson, the business of British inventor James Dyson, developed an excellent store locator designed to promote the launch of its first store in the UK. With clear information about opening and closing times and relevant call-to-action buttons, the buying funnel is very much at the heart of this platform, maximizing Dyson’ chances of getting the most out of its online to offline marketing activity.

How BRIDGE can help your organization

While we’ve highlighted some best-practice store locators, you’ve no doubt come across many that are definitely not that. Many are inaccurate and don’t work properly. BRIDGE is a specialist SaaS (Software as a Service) provider, offering a full range of online to offline solutions to businesses looking to increase footfall in their stores. Our products include Store Locator, Local Pages and Online Listings, all incorporating cutting-edge technology to drive shoppers to physical retail spaces. Learn more about how we can help you.

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